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Neuer Stil Aqualine Edelstahl Armreif Pulsera SB-10 u7skd892

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    aqua-line modischer Armreif

    Modell: SB-04

    Material: Edelstahl Gesamtlänge 21,5cm, Breite 13 mm, Dicke 6 mm

    The concept for AQUALINE began in Australia in 1994. Inspired by the surf&street culture the first collection was created. Subsequent years of travelling continued to contribute to the unique design of the Aqualine collection. Due to the great success of the collection and realizing the enormous sales potential outside of Australia, AQUALINE moved to Span in 1999. With the increasing success of Aqualine jewellery and customer demand AQUALINE expended its boundaries and now we offer you a diverse and unisex collection of not only jewellery, but also different stylish and fashionable accessories! AQUALINE presents its new renovated stainless steel collection. Now a fashion classic, the jewellery is combined with leather, wood and stones for a modern look. Leather has its own place in the collection presenting a big variety of leather jewellery fits the personal style of everybody! Combine our cool belts, socks, gloves, wallets, suspenders and much more, with your wardrobe and get the latest European fashion right to you! We are about your opinion! If you feel your fashion sense can contribute to our future collections, we are here to listen and get our inspiration from people all over the world!

    Neuer Stil Aqualine Edelstahl Armreif Pulsera SB-10 u7skd892